Diversed Study Paths

Diversed study paths project aims to prevent young people from exclusion. On the other hand the aim of the project is to promote the students' completion of the profession within a reasonable time.

A number of versatile, flexible and the doctrine of individual paths are developed during the project that allow the maximum number of students move from the elementary to the vocational education and preserve their interest in their profession and skills development.    There are four study paths to be built during the project:


a) a path for students needing special attendance
b) a path for students suffering from mental and other health problems '
c) a path for immigrants
d) a path for students considering changing the field of vocational education

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Finnish Language Test at Vocational Education Centre Sedu

For all applicants to Sedu whose mother tongue is not Finnish, a language test is organized before granting a student place. The applicants are invited to the test by mail or phone. In the invitation they are told about the time and place of the test.  

Why a language test?
At Vocationa Education Centre Sedu teaching and instruction are for the most part given in Finnish. Sufficient language competence is necessary for succeeding in studies and observing safety at work regulations.

What is the test like?

The test has 4 parts which are:
  1. listening comprehension
  2. reading comprehension
  3. written assignments 
  4. interview.
To complete all the test parts takes 2–3 hours. If there are several participants to the test during the same day, they have to be ready to wait for their turn to the interview.   

Evaluation of the test
The language test is evaluated on the scale pass/fail. A failed test can be taken again during the next joint application system. 

Information on the test results
Those who take the test are given an opportunity to know about their test results. Information on the date of the test result is given to the applicants on the testing day.   

Additional information
Additional information on the test can be received from student counselors of Sedu and organizers of the test.

Vocational Education Centre Sedu, Monimuotoiset opinpolut  ”Diversed study paths”/ project manager Tiina Harju, tel. 040 830 2276,

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